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The Everyone Ready® Volunteer Management Skill-Building Program delivers quality training and regular communications to learners within your network. Learners can access all the resources on their own, at any time.

Everyone Ready began in 2005 with 13 major national organizations signing on. Since that time, dozens of organizations large and small in the United States, Canada and Australia have taken advantage of the cutting-edge learning provided through Everyone Ready. The program has continued to evolve, and today we offer three levels of membership to meet all learning needs: Organization, Team, and Individual. Our members continually provide valuable feedback on all the elements of the program and have helped to evolve Everyone Ready into an effective and easy-to-administer training plan.

The program was developed by Energize, recognized around the world for providing exceptional resources for leaders of volunteers since 1977. Training and support for our network of learners is provided by our associate directors:

Betsy McFarland

Betsy McFarland is a principal at Adisa, a consulting firm dedicated to helping purpose-driven individuals and organizations unleash talent and achieve impact. Betsy has more than 20 years of experience in maximizing volunteer engagement in the animal protection, much of it with The Humane Society of the United States. She was the first to launch comprehensive volunteer engagement training for the animal sheltering field, authoring the book, Volunteer Management for Animal Care Organizations, and publishing research on staff-volunteer relationships. She worked with the University of North Carolina at Charlotte to develop a research-supported Volunteer Program Assessment model that serves nonprofit volunteer programs across the U.S. and Canada. 

Kristin Floyd

Since 1992, Kristin has provided Web strategic planning and development services to Energize and guided the strategic planning and development of Energize's strong online presence including the main Energize site, the Bookstore, and the online training program.




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