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Everyone Ready offers a variety of membership options. You can compare your options below based on the number of learners,  program offerings, group management capabilities and customization and consultation services.

We know each organization is unique and we can arrange memberships for special circumstances. So, regardless of the size of your organization or your special needs, please talk with us about your organization or network so that we may find the right pricing plan that is appropriate for your situation.

PLAN FEATURES  Individuals Team Organization
# of members

1-10 members

Up to 50 members

More than 50 members

How to purchase membership Purchase individual  or multiple memberships Start enrollment process Contact us to discuss
Learning Program       

Unlimited access to seminars and self-instruction guides developed by internationally-known trainers

Guided learning through a highlighted topic every month

Learner Q&A where participants can get advice both from Everyone Ready experts and from other learners

Certificate of Completion for each topic completed

Unlimited access to the highly-respected international publication, Engage: The global voice of leaders of volunteer engagement

A 20% discount for individual purchases in the Energize Online Bookstore.

Supporting Your Learners 


The ability to invite members to join 


The ability to track learner progress by viewing statistics and evaluations


Participation in the Point Person Network and access to the online support center.


Staff support with launching your program and ongoing dialogue as needed (we are available by phone or e-mail!) 




Tailor the learning for your network.  Choose the topics to best meet your learners' needs. We will highlight your selected topics on your home page and by e-mail to your learners.

__ __

Add customized content for your network. Choose up to three Seminars or Self-Instruction Guides and add content tailored to your group.

__ __

An online Q & A session facilitated by one of our expert trainers.

__ __

Up to 10 hours of consultation to help your network develop a comprehensive volunteer management program.

__ __

Starts at

Starts at $4,445 

Starts at  $12,000 


$495 for first member
$250 for each additional member up to 10 

Enroll an individual

Enroll multiple members

Contact us 


$4,445 for up to 25 members
$8,990 for up to 50 members

Start enrollment process

Contact us

Pricing depends on organization size and learner base

Contact us



Contact Us to Discuss the Plan and Pricing that Are Best for You




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