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Why It Matters

The single largest factor affecting the success of volunteer involvement is attention.

When an organization plans strategically to accomplish clear goals for volunteers, allocates resources, prepares staff, monitors progress, and evaluates results, the efforts lead to success.  More >>

The Everyone Ready® Volunteer Management Skill-Building Program delivers quality online training to all the people in your network, whenever they want it.  

Essential Topics

The on-demand Learning Center provides a “library” of 39 seminars and guides, available 24/7. While all topics are continuously accessible, every two months we take a deep dive and guide learners through a Featured Topic. Learners can choose whether to sample an introduction to the theme’s topics or dig deeper into more detail and explore the content most relevant to their work. Topics include:

  • Handling Challenging Behavior by Volunteers
  • New Approaches to Recruitment
  • More >>

Expert Trainers

Since 1977, Energize, Inc. has developed unequaled relationships with the most respected trainers in the volunteerism field around the world. Over 18 of these experts created the resources your learners will use.
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Committed Members

Everyone Ready® member organizations (large and small) have an interest in strengthening volunteer involvement system-wide and maximizing the organization’s reach in the community. They include:​

  • Alzheimer's Association 
  • National Park Service
  • Boys and Girls Clubs of America
  • National CASA Association 
  • More >>
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