Team Membership

The Everyone Ready® Team Membership Plan offers tremendous value to meet your organization or network's learning needs.

Everyone Ready raises the ability of teams of up to 25 users, from executives to front-line service providers, to welcome community volunteers and enable them to do their best, time and time again.
Everyone Ready provides effective and flexible training, online and on-demand, to bring key individuals in your organization or network on board with the best practices of today’s volunteer management.
Everyone Ready will help your team to:
  • Extend its reach and accomplish its goals by partnering strategically and successfully with volunteers.
  • Maximize the link between money donors and time donors by cultivating any supporter of the organization as a long-term friend.
  • Provide consistent, quality training to key staff and volunteers in your network through top experts in the field of volunteer management.
  • Afford year-round training at minimal per-person cost, in groups of up to 25 learners, anywhere in the world, without the time and of travel. 

Each Team membership provides you with 25 spaces to designate to up to 25 individuals. These spaces all expire 365 days after the Team membership starts.. You can add an individual to the space at anytime during this period, up to the 25. If you wish to enroll more than one team, you may select a different start/end date for each set of 25 learners.

Each member of your team receives:

Annual cost: US $4,495 for up to 25 learners

That’s just $16.62 per person per month to train your whole team for the entire year!

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Everyone Ready delivers quality training and regular communications to learners within your team through various forms of media including: video seminars, self-instruction guides, audio recordings, and full access to the online journal, e-Volunteerism. Learners can access all resources on their own, at any time—and you can provide value-added discussion opportunities to focus on applying their learning to your setting. The program is produced by Energize, Inc., internationally recognized for its volunteerism expertise since 1977.

 We Support You and Your Learners

Energize staff provides you support and guidance in launching the Everyone Ready Volunteer Management Skill-Building Program to your learners, publicizing the program to your team, and encouraging participation.

Each Everyone Ready Team Member organization must designate an official “Point Person” (and also an alternate) who is the liaison to Energize for bringing the resources to your team. Your Point Person receives the following services and benefits:

  • Point Person Area, a special section of the site with descriptions, notices, announcement flyers and other materials useful in promoting the Everyone Ready training resources to your team.
  • Usage Statistics and Evaluation Reports are available to Point People summarizing participants’ activity and feedback for specific date ranges and training materials.
  • Individualized consultation time by phone or e-mail with Energize staff to assist you in launching and running the Everyone Ready program, or to discuss any volunteer-related topic of your choice during the year.
  • Everyone Ready Point Person Network through which he or she connects with peers facing similar issues in implementing and maintaining the most beneficial use of the resources in the program. As peers, Point People share their best practices in volunteer leadership and how they make their infrastructure more efficient and effective. Point People benefit from periodic conference calls and internal marketing tools for publicizing the Everyone Ready services and materials.
  • Calendar of Highlighted Topics to allow you to invite your team to focus on the same topic together. You can then add value through conference calls for discussion, on-site workshops, or informal brown-bag lunch sessions – all keeping volunteer engagement on the agenda for strategic planning.
  • Reminders sent by Energize directly to participants to announce the highlighted topic as well as reminders for them to take advantage of the training opportunities and to ask their questions of the expert trainers. The e-mails also set the topic into context and alert participants to further resources on the highlighted subject. Learners can also join the private Everyone Ready Facebook group where they’ll receive additional reminders and have opportunities to network with their peers. 
  • Optional Launch with Introductory Topics – You can start your team with a seminar and two guides designed to orient newcomers, draw attention to the importance of volunteer engagement, and lay the groundwork for the highlighted topic to come.


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