Why Choose Everyone Ready?

Everyone Ready® will help your organization to:

  • Extend its reach and accomplish its goals by partnering strategically and successfully with volunteers. Maximize the link between money donors and time donors by cultivating any supporter of the organization as a long-term friend.
  • Provide consistent, quality training to every person in your network through top experts in the field of volunteer engagement.
  • Afford year-round training at minimal per-person cost, to as many people as needed, anywhere in the world, without the time and expense of travel. 

What Makes Everyone Ready Unique

  • Everyone Ready provides effective and flexible training, online and on-demand, to bring each of your learners on board with the best practices of today’s volunteer engagement.
  • Everyone Ready raises the ability of any learner, from executives to front-line service providers, to plan for and welcome volunteers, enabling them to partner with staff on even the most critical goals.
  • Everyone Ready includes internationally recognized trainers – the very people you would send your staff to conferences to hear learn from in person.
  • For most national organizations, the cost of the Everyone Ready program translates into only a few dollars per individual participant for the entire year! That’s less than a single commercially-available webinar for one attendee!
  • Everyone Ready is a discussion starter, designed both to build the skills of your network members in partnering with volunteers and also to raise the bar of how you engage the community in your work.
  • Everyone Ready Online Seminars and Self-Instruction Guides are eligible ways to earn Professional Development Units (PDUs) toward re-certification for the Certified in Volunteer Administration (CVA) (http://www.cvacert.org) credential and other certifications. 

What Our Learners Say

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