Why Invest In Volunteer Engagement?

The single largest factor affecting the success of volunteer involvement is paying attention to how they contribute to your mission.

When you plan strategically to accomplish clear goals, allocate the necessary resources, prepare staff to do the work, monitor progress, and evaluate results, your efforts lead to success. The Everyone Ready® Volunteer Engagement Skill-Building Program raises the ability of all team members, from executives to front-line service providers, to plan for and welcome volunteers, enabling them to partner with staff on even the most critical goals.

Recognize how few paid staff – or leadership volunteers – receive training in volunteer management in their professional education.

One of the most commonly-identified concerns of volunteer-involving organizations is tension between employees and volunteers...Such conflict surprises many, but it shouldn't. The mistake is to assume that everyone innately knows how to work together... more

Investing in volunteer engagement training also increases your bottom line:

  • Skilled volunteers do allow you to stretch your budget – to spend every bit of funding wisely, and then do more.
  • Research shows that people who volunteer give ten times more money to charity than those who do not.
  • Volunteer engagement is a critical component in helping nonprofit organizations deliver on their core mission by boosting human capacity cost-effectively.
  • Just as you “cultivate” financial donors for the long term, nurturing volunteers raises your network of community friends, cheerleaders, and advocates.

Why Choose Everyone Ready?


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